With so many other things that involved in planning your cruise, there is one thing that you might just overlook, but can in fact be very important to making the cruise that you choose more enjoyable. This thing of course is the cabin and as with most things when picking out a cruise package, you will have the opportunity to select the kind of cabin or staterooms that you most want.

If you are taking a European river cruise, for example, there are so many wonder sights to see as you pass through the capitals of Europe such as London’s River Thames or the Seine River in Paris, France. To this end you may want to make sure that you get a room with a view, in this case a wonderful balcony stateroom that will let you take in the majestic countryside and townscapes on a London river cruise.

You may think that having a cabin with views isn’t all that important because you will hardly be spending any time there at all, but in fact you might prefer to relax on your own so this should be part of the considerations when choosing a room.

Outside Cabins
The ships cabins that on the outside of this ship will all have windows, you should however take into consideration what kind they are. This will of course largely depending the type of cruise ship that you are on, if it’s a large cruise liner travelling the Mediterranean, then you will most likely have balcony areas, if however, it’s a smaller vessel traversing the waterways of the Rhine or Danube in Germany, then you might in fact have a smaller port hole window. The other thing to consideration is the location of the cabin, you might have a window but it may well be facing some superstructure of the ship that blocks the view. All this can be found out by examining the plans of the ship which you will be presented with in the cruise brochure whilst you are choosing which cabins and their locations when you buy you cruise package.

Inside Cabins
An inside cabin is just this; it is usually entered from a corridor on the inside of the ship, as most rooms are. In this case there are no windows in this type of cabin. This doesn’t mean that it will be any less luxurious and well fitted out with all the modern amenities expected from a modern cruise ship, but not having a window may be important to you so it’s good to remember this if you decide to opt for an inner cabin.

If you are looking for real luxury then you can get a suite. Here you will get separate bedrooms and living accommodation, some even have private deck space.

In general the price difference between inner cabins, cabins with windows and balconies or suite rooms are as to be expected incremental, it’s worth noting however, that you may initially choose an inside cabin without a view and as the time for the cruise departure closes in, the cruise operator may actually contact you, in fact this is usual practice for most, to see if you will be interested in upgrading to an outside cabin for a small cost that will quite often be a good bargain. This is due to the companies finding it easier to sell the inner cheaper cabins and also means if you want a room with a view you can.