A More Affordable River Cruise Vacation – Luxury European Cruise 2011

Every year, the cruise holidays have been getting more and more popular with many more families that are looking have a family cruise together as their yearly holiday. Even though the price of a lot of the current range of 2011 cruises is quite reasonably priced for what you get,  there’s still quite a large number of families who will find the price of a 2 week luxury cruise still too much money for what they can comfortably afford to spend on a vacation. This therefore begs the question, what option does a family have who want to enjoy all of the luxury and fun of a cruise but don’t have the money to spend on a 2 week cruise?

A good start for any family who can’t afford to take a 2 week luxury cruise holiday is to perhaps as an alternative just book a weeks European river cruise instead. This type of cruise can offer of the luxury and benefits of a normal longer sea cruise but on a smaller ship and at just a fraction of the cost which makes them more affordable to many people.

Even though the boats and ships that you will travel on whilst on a European river cruise are a bit smaller than the ocean going vessels don’t expect them to be any less luxuriant and the service that you will get when travelling is no less great. You can expect the best quality good food and drink on you European river cruise and service that will, and does, make some of the best hotels in the world blush. Accommodation on board is also going to be well presented, with a room service that is of a high quality too. Every day you will have a maid service and every night you will have your bed turned down as well.

A European river cruise ship is going to be smaller than an ocean going ship the onboard facilities are still there, with many ships having a ball room, lots restaurants and bars, with possibly a small cinema as well as viewing decks from which you can admire the architecture and scenery of many of the most wonderful European countries and cities.

In summation, the European river cruise is an extremely affordable way to take a cruise vacation and its style will suit many types of person, perhaps even more so than a all singing and dancing ocean going cruise. A European river cruise is usually an easier going holiday with more focus on relaxation  and sight-seeing rather than entertainment. If you do want organised entertainment you can find it available, but it is usually lower key than a family orientated sea cruise. A European river cruise gives you all the luxury associated with an ocean going cruise but at a much more cost effective price. So if you are just starting out with cruising holidays or you think you might like a change why not take look at booking a European River Cruise for your holiday in 2011?

Cruises on European Rivers

Have you ever thought about taking a European cruise holiday but perhaps you have already voyaged the Baltic, transversed the Northern seas around Norway and the Arctic or purveyed the Mediterranean oceans ? If this describes your experiences then may be you should consider a European river cruise instead.

If you want to visit some of the fantastic European cities such as Cologne, Paris, Budapest, Prague or Vienna then a river cruise is one of the best ways to do so. With a river cruise you can easily take in the sights and cultural heritage of the cities and between times, you get to experience the beautiful and impressive countryside.

Compared to ocean going cruises, a river cruise will offer a slightly different vacation. A river cruiser will be a smaller ship, with few decks and passengers. Also there are less likely to be as many facilities available, for example fewer bars and restaurants available to choose from. This is not to say a river cruise is inferior – far from it. Accommodation aboard a river boat will still be of a high quality and exceptional standard. As well as this you will get a much more scenarific holiday, as you will leisurely slide through the European waterways moving from city to town to city in abject luxury. with plenty of shore excursions and regular stops there’s something different to do and see every single day on a European river cruise.

With the possibility to stop over for extra days at some cities such as Paris, Berlin or Amsterdam, many passengers will extend their stays at theend of a cruise or perhaps at the beginning, staying in a hotel and this way make the most out of the holiday time.

Planning an Italian River Cruise

An Italian holiday will always involve a necessary amount of planning before you go any where near packing your bags or purchasing boarding tickets. Whilst you are deciding and weighing up your options, you should consider that as a romantic cruise destination, a European river cruise across Italy is hard to beat. Whether you finally opt for a large cruise liner or a much more intimate yacht or pleasure cruiser and Italian river cruise makes an excellent choice for a vacation.

If exploring the nooks and crannies of Italy, with a number of islands and inland waterways to visit, you can quite easily combine the sea with the land to create yourself a unique holiday experience where you will get plenty of time to take photographs and take home memories of this wonderful place.

With regard to the times of year that are most suitable for river cruises in Italy you should probably choose sometime between May and August, for an optimal weather conditions, consider the extreme heat of the Summer months however, because Italy can get quite hot during this time.

Getting a one or two week river cruise in Italy is really easy, simply search on the Internet to find respectable tour operators that will be able to line you up with a vacation package that meets your needs. Prices will vary depending on the levels of accommodation that you want as well as the duration of your stays. If you want to have pre-arranged tours for shore excursions that this will be usually included in teh package you choose, or if you are more adventurous, you can arrange all your own trips.

Making sure that Venice is one of the destinations that’s included in your River cruise is a must. With its winding waterways steeped in architecture and history its breathtaking an unmissable.

Overall Italy as a destination for a River cruise is highly recommended with much to do a see you can have a wonderful vacation here no matter the weather.