Royal Caribbean to Enhance European Shore Excursions with New Port In Jamaica

From the announcement made last week that Royal Caribbean is to upgrade the liners Liberty of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas with facilities from its Oasis-class ships, Royal Caribbean International, the cruise operator, will be showing off even more improvements for cruisers with a whole new shore excursion package that spreads across fifty five ports in twenty two Mediterranean and European destinations, meaning guests can now design a cruise holiday that is tailored to their individual requirements. A well as this, the cruise-line has revealed more details of a brand new port it is building and is scheduled to open sometime in Jamaica in 2011.

Private Excursions, Easy Tours and Family Activities

With its recent successes in Russia, Royal Caribbean International is now allowing it’s guests the chance to arrangement their own private shore excursions to explore Mediterranean and European destinations from thirteen ports-of-call including Greece, Israel, Egypt, Finland, Italy and Sweden. Passengers who do not wish to be limited by a fixed itinerary can now have the cruise line arrange programs and allow access to a private bus for each tour that can provide for up to ten people and at the same time enjoying stress free sightseeing.

Royal Caribbean has also designed a selection of new half day shore excursions specifically designed for families and multi-generational groups. Some of these activities include a Pizza Making experience in Sorrento, Italy. Here visitors are given a city tour which is then followed by a professional pizza making class and lunch to enjoy their cooking, also a Sea Kayaking adventure in Dubrovnik, Croatia, to take in a different perspective of the beautiful city and its historic architecture.

The cruise line is also extending its offering of what it calls “Easy” tours for passengers with difficulty standing for large amounts of time or walking, as well as adding fourteen new programs meaning that there is now thirty three in total. Guests can explore the old town of Trogir or sample Sardinia’s finest wines or perhaps take in the views of the many artistic and historical landmarks in the area from the comfort of their own transport, which has been modified with lifts and access ramps where possible.

Royal Caribbean International is currently focussing on the European cruise market, with eight ships currently sailing in Europe this year. The cruise operator is set to further extend its presence in 2011, when it will have a record breaking eleven ships in and around Europe waters.

Med Cruises for the Younger Generation

Med cruises can be great fun no matter how old you are, if you are under 30 however, there is plenty of excitement to be found.

Understanding what’s on offer is important to making sure you get a great cruise for your age group. Many young people might want to see the Mediterranean but don’t actually consider a luxury cruise as an alternative route for a summer vacation with their under 30′s friends. Bringing a Mediterranean cruise in reach of anyone is easy, all you have to do is a bit of research.

There is always lots to do and see on a Med cruise, with many interesting place to visit such as Venice, Rome, St. Tropez, Nice and many Portuguese cities. Take a few hours to search out the comparison websites for cruise packages and you can get a great affordable deal quite easily to the destinations you want to see. Get the chance to see each destination during the day time, returning to the cruise ship each evening before the ship sails onto it’s next Med place.

To get a cost effective budget cruise, perhaps if you are a undergraduate, you will most likely be able to save money by pooling resources and sharing cabins, make sure you opt for cheaper inner berths without any of the frills that way the overall cost be reduced. If you can sort out between your friends the best time to go, off season is a good choice since an off season cruise is definitely going to be cheaper and this will leave you more money to spend on your day trips at the places you visit.

Making the right choices for you day excursions is another great way to cut back the cost, if you plan them yourselves rather than using travel tour operators to sort them out you can get a great deal. Mediterranean cruises for the under 30′s comes very highly recommended, with a bit of planning you too can get a cheap and fun summer holiday.

Shore Excursions in Italy

Once you finally made up your mind that you’re going on a cruise to the Mediterranean with the cruise line of your choice, you may well be taking in the sights of Italy. If this is the case, then making sure that you get the most from your vacation is essential, as you probably have already realised, shore excursions make up a large and interesting part of any Mediterranean cruise, especially one to Italy,

Its good to know that most of that cruise lines that visit this part of the world will offer and run their own shore excursions, also many private companies will also offer similar deals, you just need to make sure that you have relevant information to hand when booking these types of excursions, such as when your ship is expected to dock, which ports of call it will be making as well as the name of the cruise line and the cruise ship itself so that you can ensure that that you get the right days trips booked.

With a private company organizing your excursions, you will definitely get more flexibility that those that will be on offer from the cruise line, as well as this you will be most likely in a smaller group also you will no doubt get a much wider choice of things that you might want to do and see.

If you a visiting Italy, on your European Cruise, then private tour operators for day excursions have facilities in the ports of Venice, Livorno, Naples, Livorno as well as Sicily (if your cruise takes you down this far). You should be able to find these companies online by doing a quick search, so why not pick out a couple of these so you can get a feel for what’s available.

For example if you wanted to visit Venice many tours will offering walking tours, which means that you will be making your way between the churches, museums, galleries and other interesting sites, in this case the locations will be grouped fairly close together allowing you to take in some of the marvellous locations. Of course, it’s worth noting what time of year you will be visiting, be wary of the heat because Venice will become very hot in the summer months which can make it difficult if you are not used to the heat.

If this is case then you could also consider travelling on the grand canals by gondola or some other kind of river craft, there are plenty of river cruises that you can take, these will allow plenty of shade and also mean you can get a good look at the sights without the need to walk too far.

Don’t try and cram too much into one day though, its tempting to try and visit too many places, unfortunately this is not always possible, so this is a very good reason why once you have picked out your Italian city to visit, you make sure that you know where you want to go so you can get your itinerary planned in detail.

Of course planning applies to any shore excursion and is not total exclusive to Italy. Shore Excursion are a great part of any cruise vacation and it well worth making the effort to go on one, even if it the standard day trip offered by the cruise line.