Once you finally made up your mind that you’re going on a cruise to the Mediterranean with the cruise line of your choice, you may well be taking in the sights of Italy. If this is the case, then making sure that you get the most from your vacation is essential, as you probably have already realised, shore excursions make up a large and interesting part of any Mediterranean cruise, especially one to Italy,

Its good to know that most of that cruise lines that visit this part of the world will offer and run their own shore excursions, also many private companies will also offer similar deals, you just need to make sure that you have relevant information to hand when booking these types of excursions, such as when your ship is expected to dock, which ports of call it will be making as well as the name of the cruise line and the cruise ship itself so that you can ensure that that you get the right days trips booked.

With a private company organizing your excursions, you will definitely get more flexibility that those that will be on offer from the cruise line, as well as this you will be most likely in a smaller group also you will no doubt get a much wider choice of things that you might want to do and see.

If you a visiting Italy, on your European Cruise, then private tour operators for day excursions have facilities in the ports of Venice, Livorno, Naples, Livorno as well as Sicily (if your cruise takes you down this far). You should be able to find these companies online by doing a quick search, so why not pick out a couple of these so you can get a feel for what’s available.

For example if you wanted to visit Venice many tours will offering walking tours, which means that you will be making your way between the churches, museums, galleries and other interesting sites, in this case the locations will be grouped fairly close together allowing you to take in some of the marvellous locations. Of course, it’s worth noting what time of year you will be visiting, be wary of the heat because Venice will become very hot in the summer months which can make it difficult if you are not used to the heat.

If this is case then you could also consider travelling on the grand canals by gondola or some other kind of river craft, there are plenty of river cruises that you can take, these will allow plenty of shade and also mean you can get a good look at the sights without the need to walk too far.

Don’t try and cram too much into one day though, its tempting to try and visit too many places, unfortunately this is not always possible, so this is a very good reason why once you have picked out your Italian city to visit, you make sure that you know where you want to go so you can get your itinerary planned in detail.

Of course planning applies to any shore excursion and is not total exclusive to Italy. Shore Excursion are a great part of any cruise vacation and it well worth making the effort to go on one, even if it the standard day trip offered by the cruise line.