Cruises around the Greek Islands

Southern European Greek Islands

The wonderful thing about cruises around the Greek islands is that there are so many combinations that can be put together so each one can be very different which means that even if you have already visited once, a second cruise can be an entirely different experience again. Different cruise lines will also mean different Greek Island vacations which mean that there is plenty of variety to choose from.

One possibility for a Greek island cruise is to hire a yacht. Since they come in varying sizes, this will affect the cruises available but should not limit your choices greatly as long as you make sure you search for the best deals from a range of cruise lines. Many cruise lines offer combination tours. This means that you might spend 10 or 11 days aboard your ship travelling and then spent the rest of the holiday on shore excursions visiting the main Greek island or perhaps one of the small islands such as Syros or Delos. The details of a trip such as this will be clearly specified in the itinerary provided by your travel agent from your cruise line so you can plan ahead on what you actually want to see or do. Typically these kinds of cruises, on a yachts rather than a large liner, will be shared with about 40 other guests.

If 2 weeks is a bit too long for your cruise, you can easily book something shorter than this which that will still allow you to take in the magnificent beauty of the Greek Islands. A 7 day cruise will give you plenty of sea-time as well as ample opportunity to explore Greece.

Since there are many Cruise lines that specialize in providing Greek island vacations, you will be able to visit all the best places that Greece has to offer. These cruises are also entirely suited to small parties of up to 14 people where you can hire your own yacht, perhaps amongst a group of friends or maybe made up of family members to have a fantastic family holiday in and around the Grecian Isles.

To get a good idea of the best places to visit you can easily use an internet search engine to find discussion forums to find out other peoples experiences of Greek Island holidays, you can then plan your holiday out in detail and identify the exact places you want to visit. Click here to Search for Greek Island Cruise forums.