New Ships from Carnival, Royal Caribbean and NCL

If you enjoy taking cruises and spending your vacation time soaking up the Sun from the deck of a cruise liner, then you are in for a real treat because there has recently been announcements from all the major cruise lines that there will be about 40 new ships to be launched over the next 3 years up to 2010.

Almost every major cruise ship line has at least one new ship planned to be built, in fact many have three or four in the pipleine to be in service by 2010. Not only are the number of cruise liners growing but so are their sizes, most will be bigger and better equipped with more facilities, which is good news.

The Norwegian Cruise Line
Since 2000 when NCL was bought out, it has come along in leaps and bounds with the quality of service that it provides to its passengers. Their new ship Pearl was launched in October 2007, with amazing facilities such as bowling alleys and rock climbing walls, which provide unique and exciting experiences for any cruise.
At 150,000 tonnes there are 3 new F3 class vessels that NCL have described as Imaginative, and with a passenger capacity of 5,400, it boasts that one hundred percent of the ouside cabins will have balconies which is definitely a real bonus.

Royal Caribbean
Royal Caribbean also have 3 ships slated in from 2007 until 2010, Independence of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas and Freedom. Costing in excess of $700 million each and at 160,000 tonnes, each will be able to service 3,600 passengers.

With one of the smallest ships, Carnival has several projects up and coming until 2010, including new ships ranging in size from 110-130,000 tonnes. The Carnival ship in the spotlight will be the new Freedom class that is estimated to cost around $400 million and capable of carring 2,974 passengers. With destinations such as West and Eastern Caribbean as well as European tours the is idefinitely something here to make note of when you are looking for a new cruise.

With all these new cruise liners coming online over the next few years, from all the major players, you are bound to find more incentives and competitive cruise offers as well as even more quality and luxury from the cruise experience.