Reasons why a river cruise is a good idea

There are many reasons why European cities are a fantastic destination for a river cruise. Even if you have visited European countries many times before in the past, choosing a European cruise as a holiday destination is an option that can bring a new aspect to any cruising vacation.

Many European cities are centers of art and cultural history and by choosing to cruise through these places give you the opportunity o discover the natural beauty and magnificence of European cities as well as the countryside at a leisurely and relaxing pace.

To understand why a European Cruise is a great idea I have listed below some of the best reasons.

A Cruise around Europe makes the most of your time

Since you can quite easily travel between many of the cities of towns in Europe and most are connected by rivers and waterways means that its quite easy to visit many different locations and places in a short space of time. Most of the cruise ships will sail between locations during the night time whilst you sleep, which means that you make the most of your time that you have during the day to laze on the decks or take shore excursions and daytrips out. Also you will have the added bonus of waking up in a different town or city every day.

Cruises can be good value

In the current economic climate the exchange rates from the Pound or Dollar into Euros is not particularly good which can mean that holidaying in European hotels and eating in restaurants can be comparatively quite expensive. However since when you buy your cruise across Europe from a local travel agent, you will pay for it in your local currency so at least you know exactly what you are getting and will most likely not be as expensive as one might imagine it to be.

Cruises can be convenient

Unlike a regular package holiday a cruise is usually all inclusive, which means all the food and entertainment is already paid for and with a high quality on-board service from the friendly staff means you will get good value. As well as this, you don’t need to worry about transfers on buses to and from airports or organizing coach trips from your hotel since that the point of a cruise, travelling in style.

In Summary

These are some of the good reasons why you might like to choose a European cruise for your next holiday trip. Have a look at some of the other pages on this site for other tips and ideas on what you might like to do on a European river cruise.