The Canary Islands are to be found off of the coasts and Spain and Africa and are extremity popular tourist destinations for European cruises. The Canary Islands are essentially made up of three Islands, each one providing interesting day trips and shore excursions allowing you to sample life in the Mediterranean.

The Canary Islands as a Cruise Destination

The Canary Islands that can be visited by cruise ship are namely La Palma, Gran Canarias and the one most people are familiar with from other European holidays, Tenerife. Each of the Islands are readily accessible by cruise liner and finding a cruise package that includes the Canary Islands as a European cruise destination is quite easy to do, there are many opportunities and packages available from most good tour operators.

In the canary island archipelago, generally the islands of Gomera, El Hierro, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote do not have cruise destinations in most cruise line itineraries – which is unfortunate. Many of cruise lines have destinations in the Canary Islands, however, that visit the three main Islands including P&O Cruises. The cruise lines are always updating the ports and areas that their ships visit so it worth rechecking which ships will call in what ports if you are thinking of a Western Mediterranean cruise to the Canaries this year.

The Canary Islands themselves offer many great sights to visit including plenty of volcanic scenery due to the islands origins as volcanic islands. With many of the towns having Spanish and Moorish influences the architecture and buildings are well worth making a part of any shore excursion you might plan if you find these things interesting. In particular, cruise ships will stop at Santa Cruz on the island of Tenerife (which incidentally is the largest of the Canary Islands). Also make sure you visit La Palma, known as La Isla Bonita which translated from Spanish means “the pretty island”, which as it turns out, it is very much so with lavish and outstanding natural landscapes.