If you were to tell a friend that you were going to be going on a cruise, most of us would immediately conjure up a sunny sun drenched cruise, perhaps around the Mediterranean or Greek islands. Of course this is not necessarily the only type of cruise you can take, how about somewhere colder, perhaps an Arctic cruise springs to mind?

If you are first time cruiser then a northern European cruise, visiting places like the Norwegian Fjords or Greenland, is probably not something that you have previously considered. If, however, you have been on one of more cruises before hand, then visiting new and exciting destinations that you’ve not been too before is just one of many good reasons why you might like to take an Arctic cruise yourself.

Venturing into the Arctic Circle is one of the main reasons for taking a cruise like this, not many people can say they have travelled this far north especially by sea! Also you should consider a cruise to Greenland, which is one of the largest Islands in the world, there is plenty of wild life to see here, although you might not think so, as well as plenty of bleak snowy landscapes that you will definitely enjoy seeing and taking plenty of photographs of.

Although you should make sure you wrap up warm for the Arctic cruise, you should not too worried about this type of cruise trip being cold and uncomfortable. All of the cruise lines that offer Arctic cruises have ships that have all the modern comforts where you can easily warm yourself after you have been for a stroll on deck admiring the northern seas and coastlines.

There are many different selections of northern cruises to pick from, they tend to vary in times of the year and prices, so there are few things you will need to decide before picking. Having the opportunity to get up close to a glacier or see icebergs, but not too closely of course, means that you will have an exciting, interesting and memorable time.

With so many countries in the northern hemisphere to visit such as Norway, Sweden or Greenland to name a few, you will want to put an Arctic cruise on your shortlist for vacation destinations this coming year.