A Privacy Policy WordPress Plugin

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Easy Privacy Policy is a wordpress plugin that provides a very simple way of adding a privacy policy into an existing wordpress blog. It will automatically generate a Privacy Page, complete with default configurable content that you may then edit inline before modifying the page on your blog.


Aside from breaking the policy into six identifiable sections, entering urls in the standard form e.g. http://url.com will automatically convert them into web urls. You can also use the substitution codes to replace your blog name and your admin email address within the policy.To do this use @blogname and @email.


You can download Easy Privacy Policy from here, and for detailed information you can visit the plugin hosted by wordpress here.

The plugin should be relatively easy to use straight out of the box, if you need to change specific parts of the Policy it is quick to do. When you press the update button, be aware that the changes are effective immediate.


Easy Privacy Policy has been tested on WordPress versions 2.6 and above.

Easy Privacy Policy is used on this site and can been seen in action here.