Travelling and business trips bring joy and adventures in our life. However, preparing for a pleasant time away people should take care of the financial safety. And the best way to do this is to keep money on a bank card fully relying on new technologies and mobile banking.

According to the latest data, about 90 percent of travellers around the Globe who make payments around the world use payment cards. In addition, some banks offer to their clients two payment cards for a single account. You carry one card with you and leave the other one in the hotel’s safe in case of force majeure. If you run out of means, relatives or friends can easily put on the card the amount you need. Another important issue is a foreign currency if you travel abroad. With a card, there is no need to buy currency in advance.


New Age, New Technologies

Paywave is a non-contact card payment, without confirmation by signature or PIN-code. The cardholder should only place the card to the terminal instead of inserting it. It is very convenient service because it simplifies the way of shopping and save your time. Do you remember a situation when you want to buy just a bottle of water in the supermarket while it is time for your bus to go?

With a credit card you can buy tickets with ease. Travel cards provide many opportunities and discounts for tourists because banks cooperate with major shopping centres, hotels, airlines.  

Top secured credit cards are always a good option. They guarantee that you will not spend more than actual amount or deposit. For example, there are special card options for teens. When your children under for 14-16 years go to vacations or study, you may impose a certain limit on their cards. So teenagers can spend only limited amount in cash or online. It is also important that parents can set not only daily but monthly s limit. If your child needs extra money, you will be able to replenish his or her card immediately.


Mobile Banking

Thanks to such a high-tech tool as mobile banking, you can manage your card accounts outside your city or country and control them via Internet. While you are out you may monitor the status of all cards, make payments, including utilities, and oversee current operations (set limits, block, replenish). Security department of the bank usually offers to its customers a comprehensive and reliable application that generates unique codes when connected to your computer.

Having return to home, do not forget about your bank. Here you can get a full range of banking services, from money transfers to regular payments and loans. Mobile banking is a cutting edge innovation which helps not only in trips but also at home.

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