P&O Arcadian Adventures

Arcadia’s Grand Alaska Voyage will combine the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, the bright lights of some of America’s greatest cities, and unforgettable Alaskan adventures. Excitingly, we are offering passengers 11 ways to join this incredible voyage, so you can pick and choose the elements that appeal to you the most.

Those looking for a touch of paradise can opt for the Caribbean leg of this journey (cruise JIvIR). Departing from Southampton, you will call at Madeira before continuing on to Caribbean islands including Antigua, Aruba and St Lucia, where you could spend your days relaxing on sandy shores.

You’ll enjoy the wonder of the Panama Canal and ports in Costa Rica and Mexico before disembarking in San Francisco. If it’s the bright lights of America that appeal the most, you could choose to see some of the all-time great American cities on cruise JPX, where you will call at such fantastic destinations as Miami, Orlando, Charleston, New York and Boston, before journeying back to Southampton. Or, if the Alaskan section of Arcadia’s voyage is what’s calling to you, you could enjoy the unexplored landscapes and vast wilderness of this beautiful state before enjoying ports as varied as Vancouver, Mexico and Los Angeles on cruise JRX.

Passengers on this cruise will get to enjoy the classic Alaskan ports of Ketchikan and Juneau plus some of the lesser-known but equally fascinating destinations Alaska offers. There are lots more ways to enjoy Arcadia’s Grand Alaska Voyage but, whichever one you choose, it’s sure to be the trip of a lifetime. www.pocruises.co.uk

Norway Coastal Cruise

Exploring the Northern waters on a Norway coastal cruise is just one of those experiences that can’t be recommended enough. The coastal region of Norway has been a popular tourist destination for many, many years as well as a vital means of linking the disparate towns all along the Norwegian coast.

If you choose to take a Norwegian cruise, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to envelop yourself in the Norwegian atmosphere and lifestyle that’s on offer when you cruise aboard a Norweigian liner. If you are a regular cruiser, you will definitely find something different on offer from the Norway coastal cruises that you might be used to. Of course the ships will have all the amenities and activities that you would be used to, but there is nothing quite like the peacefulness of the northern seas around the coastline of Norway.

With many cruises offering a variety of stopping off points at the numerous ports along the coast, you can get a taste first hand of life in a Norwegian town and city as well as taking in the glorious sights and views of Norway.

As mentioned above, many operators do many different tours because there are so many destinations the variety of choices means that you can make sure you visit the destinations you would most like to see, this is great especially if you have taken a similar trip the past, you can get to see a different aspect on this Norway coastal cruise.

With all Norwegian cruise liners, the quality is absolutely top notch, the food available is as to be expect the best you can expect. with a laid back atmosphere and plenty of activities to get involved with on board the ships you cant get board. Also the accommodation is going to be as good if not better than you will find on any other cruise.

Once you have enjoyed a Norwegian coastal cruise you wont look back, with wonderful memories and plenty of magical moments it will be somewhere that will definitely want to visit again.

A Norwegian Fjord Cruise

As a northern European cruise destination, Norway is just of those places that are usually overlooked. Most likely you might have considered a cruise to the Arctic however a cruise along the Norwegian coastline can be an experience that comes highly recommended.

The Hurtigruten cruise line offers just such an experience, with daily calls to something like 34 port destinations that a spread along the Norwegian coastline between Bergen and Kirkenes you will get the opportunity to visit many port destinations that are rarely visited by the standard commercial cruise liners. The main reason for this is because the Hurtigruten liners are real ships that not only carry passengers but also perform vital services to the local communities such as delivering cargo and post. All this means that you will get to see some wonderful towns that in most circumstances you would never get to see with other tour operators.

An interesting feature of the Norwegian cruise offered by Hurtigruten is that they offer a cruise that they have named a “Classic Round Voyage”. The advantage of this deal is that you will enjoy Free Flights to Norway that coincide with your cruise, its only on offer on selected departures, but it worth keeping an eye out for these offers.

For a Northern European Fjord adventure, the Hurtigruten cruise line is something you need to experience to believe, visiting the pretty fishing villages after you visit the Honningsvåg, the capital of the North Cape, is only one of the highlights, also look out for the town of Tromsø, which has been described was the “Paris of the North”. During the 19th century, British, Russian, Dutch and German ships would call in here before heading off to Arctic expeditions. Being able to immerse yourself in the history of Northern Europe has never been easier and there are some many more places like this to visit on this cruise.

Another interesting feature of these cruises is that when you venture further Northward towards the Arctic Circle the days will get very long with there being barely any night-time.

Choosing the right time of year to visit the Norwegian coast with Hurtigruten will impact the scenery that will be on display as you travel in luxury along the coastlines, however whatever time of year you take your vacation you are absolutely sure to have a wonderful time.