An Eastern Mediterranean Cruise is your one way ticket to what could be some of the most memorable trips to some wonderful countries like Greece, the Greek Islands, Croatia, Turkey and Italy. Many of the most popular cruises lines offer itineraries that operate in the eastern Mediterranean. They include Royal Caribbean, Seabourn, MSC, Princess and Silversea cruise lines. With new destinations being offered all the time from the major cruise lines new ports of call are constantly opening up meaning that there is always something new to see, even if you have cruised to these destinations before.

Its probably worthwhile mentioning that most of the eastern Mediterranean cruises usually start or end in Italy, most usually with the cities of Rome or Venice. Bearing this in mind, many people might like to extend their vacation by a few days at the end of the cruise so that they can spend some extra time exploring these places.

Most of the cruise lines can set up packages that involve hotels that can be all-inclusive if you so choose. Once you are staying put on land, you will then get a chance to enjoy the Gondola rides in Venice on the Venetian canals, or if you were to stay in Rome, make sure you visit the Colosseum as well as take a guided tour of the Vatican City.

If you are taking a eastern Mediterranean cruise, then you simply must make sure you visit the Greek islands, in particular the island of Rhodes is well worth a trip, especially because you will get the see the old Rhodes town with the splendidly massive gates that were built to defend the town from invaders. Some of the other Greek Islands that may be part of your European cruise itinerary are Patmos and Santorini. Cyprus and Crete are two nearby island ports of call they your cruise may take in.

Croatia is a common destination for many European cruises that are targeted to the eastern Mediterranean, Croatia’s main port of call is Dubrovnik. It has been completely restored from the damage caused by war in the early 1990s. Dubrovnik is a wonderful seaside town with stone houses, magnificent medieval architecture and a quaint Old Town. If you are travelling on a smaller and alternative ship you may stop in the towns of Trogir, Hvar and Korcula.+