Every European country has its own fascinations with differing cultures, histories and languages on offer. In fact the one thing that they all have in common is of course history. When you take a European cruise you can have the chance to visit a few of these interesting European destinations and it has to be said that a European cruise, especially a river cruise, can provide you with ample opportunity to explore this continent. If you are looking for a famous sea for a cruise then you will have to make sure that you include the Mediterranean Sea.

Not only an interesting experience, but purporting a veritable cocophany of sights, it hardly gets better than a trip to Europe. If you want to take it easy and relax, you most certainly will be able to achieve this, as the slower pace of living is what practically most European countries are about and as a consequence so you will be able to relax too. Of course cruising in itself is also relaxing, so how can you do anything else but enjoy yourself!

Indeed, the Western Mediterranean is one of the most famous cruise destinations, where passengers can take in the magnificence of France, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Malta and Greece, to name but a few. Why not try and visit between May and September so you might get the best possible weather and also, make sure your cruise takes you to the Greek Islands.

Europe provides for the most interesting vacation experience you might ever have, but if the sunny Mediterranean doesn’t particularly impress you, why not consider a cruise in the beauty of the Baltic? This is an very well known and popular destination for a European cruise.

The Baltic is very unique meaning that the countries you visit are also. St. Petersburg in Russia is probably one of the most exotic and well known destinations on the Baltic sea is most likely, where you can visit the world renowned Hermitage Museum, this museum houses some of the best artwork found anywhere in the world. Also why try Denmark a more Northern country. This is also a popular cruise destination and the City of Copenhagen in particular is very worthwhile visiting.

All in all, Europe is a cruise destination the has lots to offer, many many sights to see and finally something that everyone should try at least once for a vacation destination.

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