Have you ever thought about taking a European cruise holiday but perhaps you have already voyaged the Baltic, transversed the Northern seas around Norway and the Arctic or purveyed the Mediterranean oceans ? If this describes your experiences then may be you should consider a European river cruise instead.

If you want to visit some of the fantastic European cities such as Cologne, Paris, Budapest, Prague or Vienna then a river cruise is one of the best ways to do so. With a river cruise you can easily take in the sights and cultural heritage of the cities and between times, you get to experience the beautiful and impressive countryside.

Compared to ocean going cruises, a river cruise will offer a slightly different vacation. A river cruiser will be a smaller ship, with few decks and passengers. Also there are less likely to be as many facilities available, for example fewer bars and restaurants available to choose from. This is not to say a river cruise is inferior – far from it. Accommodation aboard a river boat will still be of a high quality and exceptional standard. As well as this you will get a much more scenarific holiday, as you will leisurely slide through the European waterways moving from city to town to city in abject luxury. with plenty of shore excursions and regular stops there’s something different to do and see every single day on a European river cruise.

With the possibility to stop over for extra days at some cities such as Paris, Berlin or Amsterdam, many passengers will extend their stays at theend of a cruise or perhaps at the beginning, staying in a hotel and this way make the most out of the holiday time.