Planning a cruise can be exciting, planning a European cruise can be even more exciting especially if you are going to visit countries that you have never seen before. with so many fantastic countries as the destination for a European cruise, it almost impossible not to have  great time. With each place offering so much, whether is be local cuisine or cultural heritage, planning you cruises just comes down to where you want to visit most of all.

When you are choosing a cruise, they will usually come in packages, and in each case usually but not always, will encompass trips to various regions or countries that are close together.

For example, if you want to take a Eastern Mediterranean cruise, then you will most likely be interested in visiting Italy, Turkey, Greece and the Greek Isles. In this case the main ports of call be be for Turkey, Istanbul, Greece, Athens or Italy which is Rome or perhaps Venice. depending on which cruise package you choose the direction that you travel will mean the order in which you visit each of these places. Most definitely there will be other ports of call on a cruise like this so you will have plenty of chances to take on some interesting shore excursions. With many place of archaeological interest in this part of the world whether it be art galleries or ruins there’s something for everyone whatever their interests.

An alternative to the eastern Med cruise would be one that is more focused on the western reaches of the Mediterranean. In this case you be visiting countries such as Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Portugal and Monte Carlo to mention but a few. You can pick and choose your favourite destinations then match this up with a cruise package that meets your requirements. With so much culture to take in all of these places are worthy of any Mediterranean European cruise vacation.