So once you formulated the idea to go on a European cruise, which is definitely going to be the highlight of your upcoming year, you need to move yourself into planning mode and get the right motivation to get things organized. The planning stages are all important and can be the most thrilling parts but unfortunately you need to budget, which is less exciting but never the less a very important part of planning your cruise.

Once you got an idea in your head as to how much you want to spend, you can start to consider what options are open to you. It worthwhile considering whether you think you might take a cruise of some kind in the future, if this is the case you might want to work out how to split the budgets so you can experience some things this time and different things on the next cruise you take. In fact, you can effectively make the cruise cost a lot less if you are planning to take further cruise vacations in Europe or perhaps the Caribbean later on.

You should definitely start by looking at all the potential European cruises destinations and ports of call available, start by making a list, using the internet or using a cruise line brochure that you can get from a local tour operator or get them sent to you by the cruise lines themselves. Use these sources to work out where you want to go, make a small note of prices too, and what pages or websites you got the information from so you can easily get back to them at a later date.

When you have your list, identify 3-4 cruises that you particularly like, once you’ve done this you can start looking at comparative prices from different cruise lines. At this stage look into the amenities and extras that each cruise provides so you can make you mind up as to which is best for you.

With the final line up you can then make an informed choice as the best deals available, you can perhaps visit a tour operation in you high street, and if you have all this information that can quickly identify any great cruise bargains that you might be interested in.

Hopefully there’s some good cruise advice here, have a great cruise and good luck.