When you have finally booked your European cruise holiday and you’ve worked out all the details of your itinerary, you will most likely want to spend just a little bit of time considering what you are going to pack. Getting the right items of clothing packed in your suitcases will mean that once you are on your cruise you will be able to relax much better.

Start off with knowing what the climates will be like on your vacation, will it be hot, cold, or somewhere in between. Also consider that if you are travelling some distances, the temperatures in different ports may vary, also don’t forget that night time temperatures can be considerably colder that those in the day time, so you need to plan for this eventuality.

You should also think about what kind of events and activities will be part of your European cruise ship time. In general, however, most situations that you will encounter on your cruise come under the following three headings. These are; Casual, Semi-casual and Formal wear( or evening wear).

Casual wear is important, although you don’t want to be too scruffy, also don’t forget a swim suit, you can buy these on board ship, but you won’t necessarily get a great choice so your own is better.

Semi-Casual might be the kind of outfit you would be comfortable wearing on a night or day out back home, you will be using this style when you are on shore excursions as well as enjoying the evening entertainmenta on board ship, like live shows etc.

Formal wear is important too, at least one night of many cruises involve a dinner and dance, usually called the Captains dinner, for men this would be a formal dinner jacket, possibly with a bow i.e., but not essential.

Don’t try to take your whole wardrobe with you on the cruise, even though you can fit alot in your suitcases ( more than on a traditional vacation due to air freight limitations), try and select clothes that you can mix and match and that are comfortable, new shoes can be nice, but you don’t want to be uncomfortable on the best cruise vacation ever!

Also don’t forget to pack those little things that you think you might need, if you need to make a list of all the things you want to take, this can help you decide and also make sure that you don’t forget to pack anything important.