If you are under 30, or to that matter any age, Med cruises can be really great fun.

In this post we will explore, in particular what’s on offer for the younger generation with regard to Mediterranean cruises.

If you want to see the Mediterranean from the deck of a cruise liner, but at the same time you are on a budget, most young people might feel that a luxury ocean cruise is a little out of their budget which is why the under 30′s crowd tend not to take a cruise vacation with friends since it is thought to be cost ineffective when comparing with a standard holiday package to a hotel complex. However with a little bit of research and some top tips, there are plenty of ways to bring a Mediterranean cruise within reach of anyone.

With plenty to do and see on a Mediterranean cruise vacation, for example visiting some of the exotic destinations around the Med such as St. Tropez, Genoa, Monaco, Nice or Marbella not forgetting the Greek islands, a cruise for the under 30′s is easily attainable.

Once you have done some research, by searching for online tour operators or visiting local Main Street brokers, it is entirely possible to get a cruise package deal for as little as 60 Euros per night. Since the Ships will be docking all the Mediterranean coastline, meaning there is ample opportunity to visit lots of fantastic place, returning to the cruise ship each night before it sets off to its next destination.

To get a cost effective budget cruise, perhaps if you are a student, you will most likely be able to save money by pooling resources and sharing cabins, make sure you opt for cheaper inner berths without any of the frills that way the overall cost be reduced.
If you can sort out between your friends the best time to go, off season is a good choice since an off peak cruise is definitely going to be cheaper and this will leave you more cash to spend on your shore excursions at the places you visit.

Making the right choices for you day trips is another way to cut back the cost, if you plan them yourselves rather than replying on travel tour operators to sort them out you can get a bargain.

So if you are under 30 and looking for vacation ideas, then a Mediterranean cruise come highly recommended and with a bit of planning and forethought you can do it on a budget as well making it a cost effective holiday