Having a stress free cruise departure

Once the cruise is chosen and all the bookings are in place, you are now left with the anticipation of joining your ship and having a fantastic European cruise.

By now you will know the itinerary of your cruise, but don’t forget some of the important planning that you need to do before you get to your ship to save you any anxiety.

Departing on time
A crucial part of enjoying your cruise is to make sure you actually get to the ship on time; ideally you will be there in plenty of time but if you live a fair distance from the departure ports then you will need to do some planning.

Can you Travel down in one day?
If the cruise ship is located quite close that you can travel by car, taxi or public transport then this is a good choice, just make sure that you arrive by the time specified on your boarding documents provided by the travel operator or cruise line.

Leaving the day before
You might like to leave the day before your European cruise departs and book some accommodation for an overnight stay in a hotel, this will mean that you can join your ship with plenty of time to spare and not be late or in a rush. It may seem like a bit of an extra hassle but there is no point rushing and it also allows for any unforeseen occurrences to be taken into consideration. On the day of the cruise you can book a taxi on the day from the hotel; however it would be recommended that you pre-book in advance so as to make sure you are not late for the cruise and reduce the possibility of any stressful moments.

The location is some ways away
In this scenario you may need to take an air flight, this will most likely not be included in the cruise package and you will need to organise this yourself. You will probably need overnight accommodation in this arrangement too so make sure you do your bookings well in advance, this is probably not one of the instances you want to book a late flight to get a cheaper deal in case you can’t get a flight at all!

Time zones
This may seem unimportant but make sure you know which time zone your ship is leaving from especially if you are travelling across State or perhaps from Canada for your European cruise.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you enjoy a pleasant a stress less Cruise – all down to some easy planning tactics.