Getting a Cheap European Cruise

If you think that you might like to go on a budget European cruise, but perhaps you don’t want to spend too much money then this should be no barrier to still having a good holiday cruise experience.

Of course, cruises on a budget will usually mean some forms of compromise, but this in no way should mean that the quality and service is reduced if you make the right choices and just follow a few simple rules. If you know where to look there are many cheap cruises to Europe easily available, I have put together here a few bullet points on the best way to get a good value European cruise.

Popular Destinations

Many cruise lines will all offer the popular destinations around Europe, so if you can do your research and compare the prices of various companies so you can get the best deal. You will definitely find some price variations, don’t forget to compare other facilities on board ship too though, that way you can compare like for like and make the best judgement.

Be flexible on Destinations

Since there are so many cruises in and around the European area, some destinations are less popular than others, these can be an ideal choice to get bargain, you just need to be satisfied that you wouldn’t mind visiting these places.

Ask the Cruise Lines

A good idea is to identify a few of the top cruise lines and look at what potential discounts they are offering, also if you can get hold of last years information, this will give you an idea as to what kinds of prices they can discount to. Also why not give them a call to find out if they expect any upcoming discounts on cruises, if you get in early you can get a great price.

End of Season bookings

End of season bookings are a great way to get a discount on your cruise price. Since fewer people to holiday at these time of the year (and don’t forget depending on the destinations the seasons will vary slightly) cruise lines and tour operators are usually willing to cut the price so that they can fill their ships with paying passengers. Finally, a cheap cruise doesn’t mean a bad cruise, there’s no reason why you can’t have a top quality vacation for less money it’s just that you may have to compromise slightly on destinations and times of year.