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Here at European Cruise Advisor our goal is to provide the best possible advice, news and information regarding European Cruises.European Cruises to Venice

Cruise Planning

At European Cruise Advisor we will try and show you some of the basics of planning your dream european cruise of a lifetime, how to achieve the best prices for you cruise as well as the different type of cruises you can take, whether you are looking for a sunny climes holiday or perhaps a vacation to the snowy realms of Scandinavia and Norway.

Discount European Cruises

Getting great deal on a cheap  European cruise is something that is on everybody’s mind at the moment and with some planning a fantastic European cruise should achievable, even on a tight budget.

Mediterranean Cruises

From the Mediterranean to the Northern reaches, there is a cruise out there that suited everyone and we will try and guide you through the pitfalls and other things to watch out for when you are working out your plans.

Shore Excursions

No European cruise is complete without some shore excursions, and if you are looking to full-fill the goal of a dream cruise then visiting some of the popular European cities should be part of any cruise. Browse these pages to get some insights and understanding of the best ways to organise your cruise trips.

European River Cruises

So, why not have a look at some of the links at the side of this page and start getting to grips with European cruises and all the exciting times that are just waiting for you to experience.

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